Zhi Zheng

Executive Director, Deputy Secretary,
Harbin Gongcheng VC, Harbin Business Angles Association

Zhi Zheng, born in 1967, once served as Director and Assistant General Manager of the Entrepreneurship Service Center, National University Science Park, Harbin Engineering University. He is among the firsts to have been recognized as “China Torch Entrepreneurship Mentors” by the Ministry of Science and Technology. He also serves as Deputy Secretary-General of the Harbin Business Angels Association, Founder of Harbin Gongcheng Venture Capital Co., Ltd., and Founder and Managing Director of Harbin Chuangku Tech Business Incubator.

Zheng has been in entrepreneurship service sector since 2003. With all the rich experience and resources in business incubation, project incubation and investment, he has helped many young science and technology talents to start their own businesses. Attaching great importance to talent training, he has cultivated more than 20 successful entrepreneurial enterprises set up by undergraduates, including Xiangpeng Technology, Haike Electronics, Jintai Electronics and ALSRobot. A number of entrepreneurs he has coached, including Yu Xinlong, Wang Zhenghan and Guo Tianxiang, have all found their place on the China Youth Riches List.

In 2015, Zheng founded Harbin Chuangku Tech Business Incubator, which came under the spotlight for its innovative institutional structure and operational model. As the first innovation and entrepreneurship service platform established by a private venture capital company and the government, the Incubator can not only provide entrepreneurs with business registration, office space and other conventional services, but also offer them startup guidance, team training, project investment and other all-round support. Featuring innovative operating mechanism, open service model, low-cost office space and all-factor value-added services, the Incubator follows a service model which combines innovation with entrepreneurship, online with offline operations and incubation with investment, in a bid to provide entrepreneurs with quality office space, cyberspace, social networking space and resource sharing space. The mixed ownership model adopted in the Incubator separates property management services from value-added services, breaking bottlenecks facing traditional state-owned incubators, such as inability to directly invest in projects under incubation. With the strong support for its founding from provincial and municipal leaders and competent authorities, the Incubator has now become a model of incubator building in Heilongjiang Province and even the entire northeast China region.

In the incubator operation process, Zheng has pioneered a new model of “Internet + Entrepreneurship Service” and independently developed a mobile phone app called “Entrepreneurship Hub”. This app utilizes mobile Internet technology to connect startups, competent government sectors, government service agencies, entrepreneurship carriers, investment institutions and service agencies and achieves direct policy information communication, entrepreneurial resource integration and entrepreneurship service sharing. It is an “Internet + Entrepreneurship Service” platform and an entrepreneurship ecosystem.