Yang Zhang

Executive Director

Hong Kong Fengyi International Cultural Investment Co., Ltd.

Mr. Zhang is a senior designer, producer and director of mass communication activities, with abundant experience in consulting, planning and producing. In his earlier career, Yang served as a deputy general manager responsible for marketing in a karaoke company, and successfully popularized it in mainland China. Once he independently planed and design different kinds of performances in 1993. And then he joined in Seth Media and was in charge of all entertainment operation including acting affairs of Ying NA. He established SUOLE Performers Consulting Co., Ltd. in 1997, which was the first partnership one in mainland China. Its business covers designing and producing performances and acting for professionals. In the same year he served as the first manager of “Zero” band, planning and producing nearly 20 concerts. Mr. Zhang was invited to design the show “Across China” which was jointly produced by the State Council Information Office of the PRC, CICC and Phoenix in 2002. He engaged in news publicity of Beijing 2008, designing special show in the Olympic Village. He was also invited to design the trailer “Green Olympic” by the Chinese Olympic Committee, invited to design Mike Burton’s concert in Beijing as the Chinese producer. In 2010 he took the post of producer in EXPO 2010, shouldering the responsibility of innovative exhibition and show. Entrusted by several real estate enterprises, he participated in content packaging and promotion program as an advisor. After that, he founded a cultural company in 2013 and promoted multiple cultural exchange projects under the cooperation with Italian KARAMA. Yang Zhang has served as Executive Director of Hong Kong Fengyi International Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. since 2015.