Yanan Liu

CEO and Executive Director

Giant Med-Pharma Services Inc.

  • 1983 graduated from the School of Medicine of Peking University Health Science Center
  • 1986 graduated from the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University
  • 1987 received Master’s degree in Information Management System in U.S.; then served as Programmer, DBA, System Architect and IT Director in Adobe and Highland Capital Brokerage
  • 2007 back home and served as the Manager of Sales Center of Excellence and Global Key Account in Microsoft China
  • 2010 Vice President in Siemens China and CEO of Siemens (China) Information Group
  • 2011 CEO of Atos in China after Atos’s acquisition of Siemens (China) Information Group
  • 2015 Co-founder and CEO of Beijing Huimei Best Medical Technology Co. Ltd.
  • 2016 CEO and Executive Director of Giant Med-Pharma Services, Inc.