Wei Wang


Photon Fund

David Wang is a co-founder of Photon Fund. He was awarded as ‘Top 10 Dream Investors’ by CCTV in 2013 and ‘Chinese Youth Investor’ by the Whole Industry Association in 2014. He is a startup mentor of ‘Thousand Talents Program’ by China Central Organization Department, and also acts as a partner of ‘China-Israel Fund’ sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Meanwhile, Mr Wang takes the position of the Vice Chair of Zhongguancun Equity Investment Association. Mr. Wang achieved his Master’s degree in Engineering from Central South University in 1996. 

With more than 20 years of business and investment experience, Mr. Wang is highly regarded as a top investor in China and has achieved amazing investment performance. He played a dominate role in the investment of some companies listed on the Main Board such as Easpring Material Technology (300073), Oxiran(300082), Shuangcheng Pharmaceuticals (002693), LETV(300104), Si-Tech(300608) and other high-growth enterprises as well as Hylink, FengTai Technology, Baihua Pharmaceuticals, Century Partner Culture & Media, Longertek and so on.

Mr. Wang has a great deal of work experience. He once worked as General Manager of Investment Bank Headquarters of Hai Tong Securities, served as partner & vice president of Shenzhen Co-win VC, and also occupied as CFO & Director of several Chinese companies listed on the main board. The total financing amount of those IPO and acquisition projects he dominated has reached up to 8 billion. Moreover,  Mr. Wang was once a business starter of an internet financial firm which was backed by American VC investment. 

Since 2014, Mr. Wang has established Photon Fund with other three partners, and is mainly responsible for the investment business. Photon Fund is a venture capital institution concentrating on technology and innovation. Strategically located in Shenzhen, with office in Beijing and Silicon Valley, which are the most creative cities, Photon Fund invests in global scale. It is especially specialized in the investment of several fields such as TMT, advanced manufacturing, new materials, bio-medical technology and so forth.