Qi Yang

Chairman and CEO

Interstellar Firefly (Beijing) Consulting Co., Ltd

Vertically and Horizontally Abundant Experiences Immersing in Healthcare Market for Years:

  • Involving pharmaceutical industries, medical devices, life sciences academics, public hospitals and private hospitals market, healthcare services, NGO, pharmacy, internet health and mobile health, etc.
  • Knowledgeable in academics, clinical practices, macro and micro market and policies, marketingļ¼Œmedias and investment.
  • Worked in the fields of biotechnique, medical information and CME, medical professional medias and mass medias, medicine advertisements, marketing strategy, management consulting, investment.

Deal experiences:

Assisted almost every deal in the past 4 years in Warburg Pincus from the period of pre-investment to the period of post-investment  

  • Deal: A Pharma company (deal size 20-30 M USD) 
  • Deal: Amcare (with deal size 100 M USD)
  • Deal: Angel Dental (with deal size 17 M USD)

Due diligence and Pre-DD experiences:

Besides the successfully investment deal, also dived quite deep into a large amount of branches of healthcare market, including:

  • Pharma industry: biosimilar, drug of biochemical extract, diabetes, the whole market of OTC and healthcare products, antibiotics, TCM, Blood products, paediatric medication, a large amount of chemical medicine.
  • Medical device: intravascular stent, bioscience Instrument, medical consumables, pathology market, precision infusion
  • Hospital: public hospital, private hospital, dental market (dental clinics and dental implant), OB market
  • Healthcare service: clinical use of stem cells, dialysis, diagnosis, CMO market, in-vitro fertilization