Dejun Guan

Executive Director

Harbin Chuangxingu Investment Management, LLC

Dejun Guan is involved in the establishment of a Zhongguancun Entrepreneurship Fund of 20 million yuan initiated by the Harbin-Zhongguancun Base and co-founded with other venture capital companies. Through investors and investment companies in the Beijing region, a joint investment cooperation fund of 60 million yuan has been established. So far, the Fund has made a cumulative investment of 9.5 million yuan in 4 cash investment projects and 7 shareholding projects. A “Government Guidance Fund” of 200 million yuan has been set up in collaboration with Harbin Branch of Huaxia Bank to form a professional FA team and speed up the implementation of fund projects.    

In 2014, Guan founded Harbin Innovation Valley Investment Management Co., Ltd., which acts as the operator of the Harbin Zhongguancun Industrialization Base to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship activities and provide micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with business service and entrepreneurship incubation. The company has provided entrepreneurship services to more than 50 companies, including Beijing Agile Star Technology Co., Ltd. (listed on the New Three Board), Beijing Miteno Information Technology Co., Ltd. (listed company) and Guangzhou Riicy Technology Co., Ltd. Guan has actively devoted himself to business incubation, project investment & financing and accomplished considerable achievements. In 2016, the Harbin-Zhongguancun Base was certified by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology as a national makerspace in the second batch. It was also named a provincial-level base for science population and education and a SME public service platform in Harbin. On February 4, 2017, the Harbin Science and Technology Bureau awarded the Harbin-Zhongguancun Base a certificate of Outstanding Incubator of Harbin.

As Co-founder of Beijing Zifeng Investment Company, Guan has been with the entrepreneurial community in Beijing for many years. With his engineering background, industrialization experience as well as investment and incubation practice, he has played an irreplaceable role in integrating resources between Beijing and Harbin. He also has rich business and project management experience and professional technical capabilities. As an angel investor and in other capacities, he has invested in a number of projects, including www.hdb.com and www.iliubang.com.