Cangshan Dong

Managing Director, Prospect Investment (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Managing Director, ICID
Chairman, International Innovation City Committee of ITTN

With over 20-year experience in financing and investment, Mr.Dong has successively taken the positions of senior manager in state-owned, transnational and private enterprises. Mr. Dong also serves as the member of Quanjinglian Financial Committee and director of GCSA. In addition, he often attends industry conference at home and abroad as the host or speaker. Since 2013, he has been invited to give a lecture on China’s Macro-economy for EMBA in City University of New York, University of California and University of Westminster. Bachelor of Laws, Northwest University of Politics and Law; Master of Economics, School of Economics and Management, Sichuan University; EMBA of HEC, Paris
Asia Prospects was founded in 2009 as a private equity investment manager specializing in undervalued, emerging market asset classes linked to developing infrastructure and tourism markets. Asia Prospects vertically integrates its investment management process, from conducting its own ground research, legal due diligence, and acquisition and asset management, through to a best-in-class global marketing model, all managed in-house through Asia Prospects’ team of industry professionals across Asia. This allows investors exposure to de-risked real estate opportunities, with significant growth potential, in markets previously having challenging barriers to entry.