Bin Hu

Managing Director

Infinity Group

Mr. Hu earned an MBA from Central Connecticut State University in 2001. Now he serves as the Managing Director of Infinity Group. With nearly 20 years’ work experience in fields of fund management, high-tech enterprise financing and government finance, Mr. Hu is a sound expert on fund management, high-tech enterprise appraisal finance management, nonperformance equity disposal, securitization and government finance management, etc. Before joining in Infinity Group, Robert worked for the head office of China Development Bank, as the director of the investment and project appraisal departments. His financial projects covered from equity investment and management, high-tech industry loan, Science-Tech Investment and fund, and investment and loan combination, to small loan business. In addition, he was in charge of the appraisals of the fund and investment in CDB. Robert was among the pioneers who have established and managed FOF fund in China, and formed his own theories and practical experience on the combination of technology and finance.