Company/Organization Information

Company Name: HandScape
Company Size: 2
Year Established: 2013
Type of Company: Corporate Enterprise/Group
Company Location: 939 Corporate Way

United States

Contact Information

Title: Mr.
Contact Person: Tong Luo
Phone: 510-676-558
Contact Email:

Technology Information

Technology/Project Name: HandyCase
Technology/Project Description:

HandScape invented the word first Intelligent phone Case, we call it HandyCase.
It solves the 2 most painful problem of current phones.

This 1st problem is that Phones are getting bigger and bigger, and our “thumbs are getting shorter and shorter”. It can not reach all the areas, and always block the view. Handy Case solve this problem by have a touch sensor on the back. It allows user to interact from back of the phone ergonomically and see their finger through from front screen.

The 2nd problem is our Phones are also becoming more and more powerful. It needs more and more accessories, such as VR controllers, game controllers, keyboards, battery packs, etc They are expensive, take a lot of space, And when we need them We can not find them. HandyCase integrates all these functions into this elegant case. It saves you money, space, and always available.

HandyCase costs $15 dollar, retail $89 dollar, profit $74 dollar, higher than many android phone (GM84%). Thinking about each phone has a HandyCase. We are creating another profit market as the phone.

We already have 28 patens, 15 patents granted. We have more than 11 apps on App Store. We did a successful KickStarter last year, raising $305,000 dollars. Now we have HandyCase iPhone 6+ in batch production and delivered to our backers. Our latest 7+ model is shipping this month. We are very well positioned in the competition.

Now we are seeking series A founding for new product and market development.

Project Development Stage: Product ready small batch
Patent(s): total 28 patents, 15 granted, 13 pending
Revenue for 2016:
Team Introduction:Founder CTO, Tong Luo, Ph.D Duke computer science.
Experience working with Bell Labs, GTE labs, Ciena, CISCO and Ebay
Description of Technical Requirements:Touch Sensing technology
Description of the Competitive Advantages and Sustainability of the Technology/Project:First on the Market with 28 patents
Risk of Technology:Quick Changing phone forms, production delay
Prospective Chinese Market Value/Business Value:100 Billion US Dollars
Preferred Way of Cooperation:Technology License, Cooperative R&D, Mergers and Acquisition, Equity Investment
Preferred Landing Cities:shenzhen

Industries of Focus

I would like to compete in the following area: Information and Communication Technology.
I would like to compete at: Silicon Valley
Additional Comments:

Additional Information

Pitch DECK:
YouTube Video Pitch:
Objective of Participation in the InnoSTARS: Seeking Investment, Seeking manufacturing partner, Preparing for China/Asia market entrance, Seeking partner in product development
How I heard about the InnoSTARS: Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum/硅谷高科技创新创业高峰会

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